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Video Wall Services


Sound Explosion always stays in tune with the current trends in the industry.  The newest type of production that's becoming extremely popular are video walls.  This concept truly takes any party to the next level!   A video wall consists of multiple LED "tiles" to create an oversized video display.  The wall truly gives that music festival or concert vibe to any event.  Just like our normal HD video displays, we're able to display custom content, video feeds, photo montages, & visual effects to the video wall.

We have the ability to make a video wall 18' wide x 10' tall without outsourcing. This can also be broken up into multiple large canvases to create an amazing video effect sure to wow the guests at your event. The wall is totally customizable and IP rated as well(weatherproof). Please contact our video specialist Mike DeMaio for more information.   Also please ask about our Festival Package which includes concert level sound, lighting, Co2 cannons, and a ton of other visual effects!


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